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Wow shampoo review

Wow shampoo review

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I'm gonna do a review for you so I'm gonna do a review for the wow skin science apple cider vinegar hair shampoo and conditioner I've been using this on my hair for about a month and I want to share with you guys the results what I think is it worth it .

so starting off with the shampoo this is the WoW skin science apple cider vinegar shampoo it's gentle and natural it's a detox formula and it's paraben and sulfate free made with 100% rotten natural Himalayan apple cider vinegar it removes build up and restores shine okay so first off I want to start with the smell the smell reminds me of baby shampoo it just takes me back to like being a little girl and getting your hair washed with baby shampoo it's very gentle and it sets up really nicely like there are bubbles but not a lot of bubbles just because this shampoo is a natural shampoo if there's not gonna be that much bubbles what does this do for my hair so basically it provides a deep clean so it strips all the oils and everything off of your hair that's one thing that I noticed so I only use a tiny amount just because I don't want to strip the oils off of my hair every single day just because I do wash my hair every single day that's another point that I wanted to make is that I washed my hair with this every single day for about a month and I did notice growth like faster growth because I did notice I had to touch up my roots a little bit more faster and it's because of the shampoo and I also see like baby hairs growing in and it's because of the shampoo there are really good ingredients in here there is almond oil this apple cider vinegar there's argan oil and this is also the number one best-selling shampoo in India ,here another thing I really like about this is that you only need a little bit and it goes a long way especially for my hair I think I would use like four or five pumps and they'll come all of my hair so I don't have any complaints about this shampoo I highly recommend it especially if you're trying to grow your hair out this is a really good shampoo and it brings you the color of your hair to life so I color my hair a lot this is not my natural hair color and it really brought my color out it makes the color pop it really protects color-treated hair and it's gentle and the color treated hair it doesn't strip it or make it brassy or anything like that just the only complaint that I have about this shampoo is that it strips your hair of all the oils so it provides you like intense deep clean um but it's not a bad thing but for me I don't like that deep clean feeling every single day because I do wash my hair every single day so for me it's kinda like I kind of want to keep the oils in there a little bit it's not a huge deal even though it does clean my hair that much it doesn't like make it fall or damage it or destroy it in any way like some other shampoos would but my overall review for the shampoo is yes I highly recommend it if you are in India um leave a comment down below and let me know if you guys have tried if you guys have heard of this like this is supposed to be really  popular and I would love to know your guys thoughts and opinions on it because I tried it and I fell in love with it okay so this is the wild skin science hair conditioner and this intensive conditioning for thin weak damaged hair it's organic virgin coconut oil plus avocado oil plus wheat protein avocado oil is really  good for your hair especially if you want to smoothen it out and bring out the texture and improve the shine I feel like avocado oil is perfect for that okay so the smell of this one it's you can definitely smell the coconut oil it does smell a little like wheat you can smell the wheat in there the avocado not so much but it does smell really good it's not too intense and even with this conditioner I only will use four or five pumps and I only use conditioner from like here down because I feel like when I use conditioner up here it just weighs my hair down so I use it from here down and I only need like three pumps and it covers all of my hair and it's one of those conditioners that you put it on your hair and I usually leave it on while I still book the rest of my and clean the rest of my body and penile wash it off and I find that when I was hit off it my hair becomes so silky smooth in the shower like it just becomes like this healthy head of hair that I didn't know that I even had when my hair air-dry after using this conditioner like this is what you get you get the texture back in your hair the color is really beautiful and it's very  soft and like just it's healthy like you can feel your hair healthy something else that I really like about this and if you have followed me on a channel for a while now you know that I'm like an oil junkyI love oils for my skin in my hair and this conditioner is filled with oils so it has avocado oil sweet almond oil castor oil which is really good for your hair jojoba or Joba I don't know how you say it but that's in there organic coconut oil oregano oil so there's a huge range of oils in here and I feel like that's one of the reasons why it makes your hair look and feel so healthy and not to mention that my hair loved it like it absorbed all the nutrients that it could from this conditioner and I could feel it like I could see the difference in my hair so overall my review for both of these is I highly recommend it I see and I understand why this is the number one best-selling shampoo and conditioner in India when you go onto their store that is what they claim and I believe it because I've seen it with my own eyes and I can feel it with my own hands you can feel the life come back into your hair so over all I highly recommend it love it.

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