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Green tea shot-Step by Step Procedure how to make it!

Like a kamikaze, brighter and more refreshing, this Green Tea Shot is sure to impress your guests at your next dinner!
Be honest - there’s nothing about a green tea shot.
The New York City mixologist can play with the idea of ​​offering something simple, but hey, so what, I love this enjoyable green drink anyway!
When I first brewed green tea, it reminded me of kamikage because of its yellow and green taste. While the comic has a strong vodka flavor, the green tea tastes more like a summer cocktail than a shot.
The recipe is very simple and you only need a few tools to make it.

What do we know about  GREEN TEA SHOT?

Green Tea Shot is a whiskey based cocktail made with four ingredients:
. Jameson Irish Whiskey
. Sour mash.
 .Peach Snaps
 .Lemon juice or sprite
The taste is sweet and very harsh, so I would not recommend giving this drink to anyone who is not a fan of peach flavors, because you can definitely taste the chat! Also, if you do not have a Jameson bottle, go ahead and use another whiskey. Not that you’re drinking it clean or on rocks, so a little nuance doesn’t make much difference.

Do I need too much green tea to make this drink?
No, because there is no real green tea in the green tea shot.
The cocktail gets its greenish yellow color, which is similar to the old cup of green tea. So for those of you who thought you were going to promote antioxidants with your slander, sorry for disappointing you.
Green tea shot will not help you live longer, but at least it's a lot of fun to drink!

Ingredients needs for a great tea shot

.Jameson Irish Whiskey: As mentioned earlier, you can use other branded whiskeys for this recipe. The only reason Jameson whiskey is a recommended brand is because it was invented by the Jameson Whiskey Company.
.Sour mix: Sour mix with cocktail mixture, ice cubes ‌ with some regular syrup of equal lemon and lime juice. You can buy it at the liquor store and at some grocery stores.
Peach snaps: Often used as a cocktail mix, peach snaps are a grain spirit that is flavored with sugar and fruit.
.Lemon Juice or Sprite: I am a big fan of sour drinks so I personally prefer to use sugar free lemon juice for this drink. If you like sweets, use sweet lemon juice or sprite for a little fizz.

How to make a best great tea shot.
Green tea shot-Step by Step Procedure how to make it!

You will need the above ingredients, shaker and some ice cubes to make a green tea shot.
1. Pour equal amounts of whiskey, peach snaps and sour mixture into a shaker.
2. Fill the sugar with ice, put the lid on and give it a strong shake.
3. Pour the drink into a shot glass and pour with a little lemon juice or sprite.
And you have it - sweet and refreshing green tea!
Since a lot of people have asked me where I got these cute little shot glasses from, you can find them here on Amazon‌.

Green tea shot  - cocktail
If you do not enjoy making shots, but like green tea shots, how to make in cocktails!
You can easily turn this green tea shot into a green tea martini. All you have to do is melt the ice cubes and stir the ingredients for a while to top with an extra sprite of lemon juice. Since it already has a lot, you do not need to add much alcohol to it.
The taste is thinner, but easier to sip than a concentrated shot.
Makes everyone happy

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