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What  is Herring? Facts-about Herrings

What  is Herring

A number of different species of forage fish are referred to as herring The most abundant is the Atlantic herring Herring are found worldwide in tropical and temperate ocean waters. Some species can even enter freshwater rivers. They travel together in large schools. Herring feed on plankton at night in up welling zones, after spending the day in deeper waters They may hunt prey individually or swim with their mouths open and filter plankton out as water passes through their gills Herring have been an important part of the commercial fishing industry for over a century Over exploitation resulted in multiple crashes to the herring fishing market during the 1900s. Today, there are regulation in place that set catch limits for some species, but many population are now threatened by habitat loss and chemical pollution Much of the herring caught is utilized as bait for the lobster and tuna fishing industries   Herring are also sold frozen, salted, and canned for human consumption Herring eggs are harvested and sold as a delicacy in some parts of the world Schools of herring will spawn as a group every year The time of year for spawning depends on the species and location The fish will release sperm and eggs into the water Eggs stick to the vegetation, rocks, or sand at the bottom of the seafloor Females can produce around 40,000 eggs per spawning season During this event, the ocean floor may become several centimetres thick with eggs Eggs hatch in around 2 weeks Only one in ten thousand eggs will survive until adulthood Juveniles form large schools and do not join the adults until they mature at about four years of age They grow about one foot (.3 m) long and may live over a decade Herring are an important part of the food web Animals such as seabirds, salmon, and marine mammals rely on them for consumption The dark coloration on their backs and light coloration on their undersides makes them hard to be seen by predators from above or below This is called counter shading Some predators may attempt to herd herring into forming bait balls This is when the school packs tightly together in their last defense against predation!!!

Herring fish recipe Step by Step

Herring fish recipe

Now going to use the smoked herring in canola oil but this here is wild cut so you know these fish were out partying and next thing they know they're in a can let's open this up got to be careful. smells like smoked fish smells nice if you like smoked fish ...but I'm going to get this out of the oil so I'm not making such a big mess so I don't flip that can and be wearing all that oil... I'm going to slice right through the center so I have a couple of bigger pieces to put on my crostini and the first thing I'm going to do is put a little cream cheese on there basically I'm making a little fancy-pants lox and bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon but I'm going to do that with my smoked herring which is a little less expensive a lot less expensive I'm going to get thinly sliced red onions for a little bit of crunch adds a nice flavor ...

I'm going to put some fancy-pants mustard on there look how fancy that is it's like pickled mustard seeds it's going to have a nice strong flavor but it's also going to add a nice texture ...a different texture than you would get from a creamy mustard a little bit of fresh dill fresh dill because that's how Super Duper fancy-pants this is going to be what about some capers oh yeah look how about that ...they're imported ....they're from a different part of the world... I could go around the corner buy some capers from some guy off the street but instead I got these now I'm going to do the piece  resistance put a little bit of this smoked herring on top boom and now it's the ultimate bourgeoisie fancy-pants crostini... I guess as fancy a crostini as you can have with canned fish on top... you can put the dill on the top for some garnish or something make it look prettier yeah I like having the dill and the capers inside so they don't escape ... this is a terrific little snack .I caned herring has a great flavor it's a nice strong flavor  Super Duper healthy but it's not like repellent like sardines ...... I just have a base salad here some Green's I've got some celery for crunch and then I've got some fresh dill a little hard to see it ... but if you've got fresh dill it makes a big difference even if it comes in pieces just sort of get it out lay it on here and my suggestion is I'm going to use some sort of cream cheese a little bit of fresh dill I would say the the red onion really does add a little niceness to it but I am going to put some cream cheeseI do love it any smoked fish with cream cheese ...gonna spread on there ...we have whipped cream cheese it might harder with regular cream cheese...so let it soften just going to add a little bit on top ...the other thing I like to add is mustard.... I'm just going to put just a little bit of Dijon down the middle I'm using a good amount of red onion we are going to add some fresh dill and then we're going to add capers this is the one thing I'd say since the fish is already salty this adds just a little more salt if you want to add a little bit of juice do it sparingly freshly cracked pepper I think makes a big difference so just another simple quick way to use smoked herring and again it doesn't taste as strong as you might think it's a little stronger than tuna but it's got that smoked flavor...

Alright that's a big mouthful can hear the crunch so you added quite a bit onion in there but that hung in really helps but that's also celery I'm celery - that's smart yeah because we really need something crunchy with a canned fish especially these thin pieces of herring so it's really great on a crostini it's fantastic but if you do put in a salad like this you know having some nice crunchy fresh onion having some celery...  or even some bell pepper some crunchy elements you definitely need unless you're one of those weird  that your dessert you don't like nuts.. like brownies without nuts.

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